Our Favorites for Map Lovers

Our boys are obsessed with maps. Every night during story time, they find some reason to consult their globe, wall-decal maps, or one of their many atlases. They love to track down where authors and illustrators live, find countries or cities referenced in whatever we read, and remind us of all of the trips they have planned. Here are some of our favorite resources.
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Wall Pops makes this dry-erase world map. They also have U.S. and Canadian versions. They really brightened up the boys’ room and since we hung them at their eye level, the maps are consulted constantly.


GeoPuzzles are a hit with our puzzle and geography loving kids. These are some of the few geography puzzles I have seen where the pieces are shaped like countries/states/provinces.



The 50 States is our favorite U.S. atlas. It contains tons of information, contemporary references, and fun facts (who knew there was a sculpture of a spoon with a cherry on it in Minneapolis, MN?)



Our favorite world atlas has beautiful illustrations and is full of interesting information and details. Candlewick recently released a Maps Poster Book which we wrote about here.



I’m shocked this interactive globe didn’t get better reviews on Amazon. We’ve had ours for two years and it is still going strong despite almost daily use. It provides information about continents, countries, capitals, currency, and fun facts. It also has engaging  games that our boys love.




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