Series Books for Second Grade

Second graders are on their way to becoming proficient readers. Decoding words is becoming less laborious for kids at this stage which allows them to understand stories of increasing length and complexity. Reading several books in a series is a great way to support second graders’ developing understanding of story structures and character development. Some of our favorites are listed below.

Great series books for 2nd Grade
Great series books for 2nd Grade

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Perfectly Poppy by Michele Jakubowski, Illustrations by Erica-Jane Waters
Reading levels: I-J
We love the Poppy series for its funny and relatable story lines.

DC Super-Pets by J.E. Bright
Reading levels: J-L
The pets of world famous superheroes are hard at work keeping the world safe in this amusing series.

My First Classic Story by Eric Blair, Illustrations by David Shaw
Reading levels: H-K
Experience with traditional stories is an important part of children’s literacy development. The My First Classic Story collection presents traditional tales with language and picture support that are developmentally appropriate for second graders.

Princess Posey by Stephanie Greene, Illustrations by Stephanie Roth Sisson
Reading level: L-M
Another series with relatable story lines which address common childhood challenges, Princess Posey is a great series for kids transitioning into chapter books.

Bink and Gollie by Kate DiCamillo, Alison McGhee, and Tony Fucile
Reading level: J-N
Our whole family love this duo (have you noticed what Jake is reading in the picture on our homepage?) The witty writing and sophisticated vocabulary are not lost on kids in these creative stories of friendship.

Eek and Ack by Blake A. Hoena, Illustrations by Steve Harpster
Reading level: K
Our boys love Eek and Ack, aliens from the Great Goo Galaxy who constantly find themselves in out-of-this-world situations. These stories are fast paced and hilarious making them a great choice for reluctant readers.

Cool Sports Facts by Kathryn Clay
Reading level: K-L
Filled with fun facts and vivid photographs, this series will appeal to your sports fans.

Sports Illustrated – Kids Victory School Superstars
Reading Level: J-M
This series follows six friends and classmates at the Victory School for Super Athletes. Each book focuses on one of the kids as they learn that their greatest athletic strength can be a challenge in other situations.


Mighty Mighty Monsters by Sean O’Reilly
Reading level: K
In the haunted country of Transylmania, birthplace of legends such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and the Wolfman, a group of young friends face danger and adventure.


Sofia Martinez by Jacqueline Jules
Reading level: K
Outgoing, passionate, and mischievous Sofia is a hoot! Spanish phrases interspersed into this early chapter book bring Sofia’s culture to life.

Twin Magic by Kate Leger and Kyla May
Reading level: K-L
Lottie and Mia are twins with magical powers which they use to save the day.

Fly Guy Presents… by Tedd Arnold
Reading level: K-N
Fly Guy is a popular series for first graders. Given the silly nature of the Fly Guy series, we weren’t expecting too much from Fly Guy Presents, a nonfiction offshoot series. We were pleasantly surprised to find quite a lot of information woven into these stories while maintaining the humor and lighthearted tone of the original series.

Mercy Watson by Kate DiCamillo, Illustrations by Chris Van Dusen
Reading level: K
Another winner from Kate DiCamillo, this series follows Mr. and Mrs. Watson and their porcine wonder of a pet, Mercy. As with Bink and Gollie, Kate DiCamillo doesn’t shy away from sophisticated words embedded into context that helps kids figure out their meaning in these funny and endearing stories.

Boris by Andrew Joyner
Reading level: M
After years of traveling in their camper van, Boris’s family has decided to put down some roots. What follows are a series of relatable adventures and funny situations for Boris and his friends. We love the illustrations and graphic elements in this series.

Missy’s Super Duper Royal Deluxe by Susan Nees
Reading level: M
Missy is sassy, funny, and high spirited in this set of relatable books.

Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliot
Reading level: M
The vivid digital illustrations support readers as they venture into Eva Wingdale’s world of adventure and friendship.



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